China Best Sales Oil Free Screw Air Compressors of Series 11-55kw air compressor portable

Product Description

Product Presentatio

Compressor Type Max Working Pressure Capacity FAD Installed Motor Power Noise Level Weight Connection
bar(e) psi l/s m3/min kw dB(A) kg
OF11A 7.5  109.0  25.9  1.6  11 68 1142 G1”
8.5  123.0  22.6  1.4  11 68 1142 G1”
10.0  145.0  19.1  1.1  11 68 1142 G1”
OF15A 7.5  109.0  37.2  2.2  15 69 1150 G1”
8.5  123.0  34.8  2.1  15 69 1150 G1”
10.0  145.0  29.4  1.8  15 69 1150 G1”
OF18A 7.5  109.0  47.6  2.9  18 69 1170 G1”
8.5  123.0  45.3  2.7  18 69 1170 G1”
10.0  145.0  36.9  2.2  18 69 1170 G1”
OF22A 7.5  109.0  58.5  3.5  22 70 1181 G1”
8.5  123.0  52.7  3.2  22 70 1181 G1”
10.0  145.0  44.6  2.7  22 70 1181 G1”
OF30A/W 7.5  109.0  78.2  4.7  30 67 1458 G1 1/2”
8.5  123.0  73.3  4.4  30 67 1458 G1 1/2”
10.0  145.0  65.1  3.9  30 67 1458 G1 1/2”
OF37A/W 7.5  109.0  96.1  5.8  37 68 1460 G1 1/2”
8.5  123.0  91.6  5.5  37 68 1460 G1 1/2”
10.0  145.0  82.2  4.9  37 68 1460 G1 1/2”
OF45A/W 7.5  109.0  113.9  6.8  45 74 1465 G1 1/2”
8.5  123.0  108.5  6.5  45 74 1465 G1 1/2”
10.0  145.0  100.3  6.0  45 74 1465 G1 1/2”
OF55A/W 7.5  109.0  143.5  8.6  55 78 1723 G2”
8.5  123.0  138.6  8.3  55 78 1723 G2”
10.0  145.0  132.3  7.9  55 78 1723 G2”
Size L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
1785 1571 1800
PS: The above air flow data was collected when the ambient temperature was 20ºC.

Oil-free Screw Air Compressors

ISO CLASS 0: Oil free certification
Oil-free air is suitable for a wide range of industries where air quality is critical to end products and production processes. Among them, pharmaceutical, hospital oxygen, electronics, filling, food and beverage processing production processes and environments, even the smallest amount of oil pollution will lead to the quality of the products produced and the qualification rate will be reduced, which will lead to a significant increase in the cost of enterprises.


Compression assembly parts drawing
1. Large flow intake valve
2, Low voltage host
3, High voltage host
4, Precision transmission gear box 5, High efficiency main motor

Large flow low noise centrifugal fan
Low power consumption;
Low running noise;
High air volume and high back pressure.

Oil-free rotary tooth compression rotor
Self-profile high-efficiency toothed rotor;
Fine special coating;
Can quickly reach the lowest energy consumption under no load.


Precision transmission gear box
Self-designed compact gear box;
High precision signal gear;

PT1000 high precision temperature sensor;
The current type pressure sensor ensures more accurate data.

Electronic level sensing drain valve
Reduce compressed air emissions and waste, Improve; condensate drainage efficiency and extend compressor life.

Oil filter
High quality precision filter;
The lubricating oil is cleaner and longer.

Air filter
High quality precision filter;
Improved air filtration accuracy;
Less resistance for air to pass through;
Guaranteed air quality in the rear stage.

Built-in compression rotor purge system
Extended compression rotor life;
Protect the oil-free rotor from moisture corrosion during shutdown.

Oil mist separator
Active condensate gearbox oil mist;
Improve environmental pollution inside and outside the machine;
Small structure for easy maintenance.

Applicable industry

Pharmaceutical industry
100% oil-free air helps to prevent contamination during processing (e.g. fermentation, aeration, pharmaceutical production, hospital oxygen production, automated production lines).

Medical care
Preferred choice for hospitals, dental clinics, medical device manufacturing, laboratory or clinical work environments.

Electronic products industry
Small and medium-sized electronics factory precision circuit board production and electronic component patch, semiconductor factory integrated circuit packaging process.

The food and beverage industry
100% pure, clean, oil-free air for a variety of uses such as fermentation, packaging, conveying, aeration, filling production and capping of alcoholic and beverage products, cleaning, instrument air.


Company Profile

HangZhou Hylein Energy & Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in HangZhou, Pearl River Delta, known as China’s compressor production base, is a professional engaged in all kinds of screw air compressor, nitrogen machine, oxygen generator, vacuum pump, magnetic suspension compressor R & D, production and sales of manufacturing enterprises, with standard production assembly line, the introduction of Europe and North America mature and experienced technology, Focus on providing a full range of services for various industries.
We strictly follow the IS09001 quality system standards and related industry standards, and throughout the product design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, sales and service of the entire process, we always adhere to the global procurement strategy to ensure the superior performance of each air compressor, we pay attention to the development of new products, the latest energy-saving products are providing quality services for the global industrial energy-saving cause.
In the ZheJiang -ZheJiang Railway oxygen supply system air compressor project, we overcome high altitude, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high temperature, huge dust, frequent switching power supply and other problems.

After-sales Service

Equipment support High efficiency and energy saving equipment since the start of normal commissioning, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Service scheme Monthly, quarterly regular arrangement of personnel to the user phone or on-site equipment operation inspection, testing work, timely understanding of unit operation dynamics, effective answer to user equipment operation questions, and do the corresponding need to improve maintenance, maintenance, to ensure the long-term effective work of the equipment, while providing service reports every time.

Technical service As long as the user needs equipment and technical help and consultation, the company will accurately reply within 2 hours, and provide the relevant technical information.

Service team We have a CHINAMFG theoretical knowledge, practical ability of strong service team and high-quality management team.

Corresponding time Our company will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification of the failure of the user’s equipment, provide the fastest solution, and arrange technicians to arrive at the scene as soon as necessary.

Warranty commitment High efficiency and energy saving equipment since the start of normal commissioning, the whole machine warranty for 1 year.



Q1: What’s your delivery time?

O: It takes about 15 days, if there is any urgent order, please contact us.


Q2: How long is your air compressor warranty?

O: One year for the whole machine when the compressor leave our factory.


Q3: How about your after-sales service?

O:1. Provide customers with installation and commissioning online instructions.

    2. Well-trained engineers available to overseas service

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Lubrication Style: Oil-free
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: AC Power
Installation Type: Stationary Type
Type: Single Screw Compressor
Specification: 11-55kw


air compressor

What Is the Lifespan of a Typical Screw Compressor?

The lifespan of a typical screw compressor can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the equipment, maintenance practices, operating conditions, and usage patterns. Here’s a detailed explanation:

The lifespan of a screw compressor is typically measured in operating hours, which refers to the cumulative hours the compressor has been in operation. While it’s challenging to provide an exact lifespan, as it can vary significantly, screw compressors are generally designed to have a long service life, often ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 operating hours.

Several factors can influence the lifespan of a screw compressor:

  • 1. Quality of Construction: The quality of construction and materials used in the compressor’s manufacturing plays a crucial role in its lifespan. Compressors built with high-quality components and robust construction tend to have a longer service life compared to those with lower-quality materials.
  • 2. Maintenance Practices: Regular and proper maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of a screw compressor. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, and inspection of critical components, helps ensure optimal performance and reliability. Neglecting maintenance can lead to premature wear and potential breakdowns.
  • 3. Operating Conditions: The operating conditions in which the compressor operates can impact its lifespan. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of contaminants in the ambient air can affect the compressor’s performance and longevity. Compressors operated in clean, well-ventilated environments with controlled temperature and humidity conditions tend to have longer lifespans.
  • 4. Load and Usage Patterns: The load and usage patterns of the compressor also influence its lifespan. Compressors operated at or near their maximum capacity for prolonged periods may experience higher wear and tear compared to those operated within their recommended operating range. Compressors subjected to frequent start-stop cycles or continuous operation may have different lifespans based on the stress placed on their components.
  • 5. Maintenance and Repairs: The response to maintenance and repair needs can impact the compressor’s lifespan. Timely addressing of maintenance issues and prompt repairs when faults or malfunctions occur can prevent further damage and help prolong the compressor’s lifespan.
  • 6. Manufacturer and Design: The reputation and expertise of the manufacturer play a role in determining the compressor’s lifespan. Established manufacturers with a track record of producing reliable and durable equipment often design their compressors to have longer lifespans. It’s advisable to choose compressors from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and reliability.

It’s important to note that while a screw compressor may have a designed lifespan, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will fail immediately after reaching that threshold. With proper maintenance and care, compressors can often exceed their expected lifespan. On the other hand, neglecting maintenance or subjecting the compressor to harsh operating conditions can shorten its lifespan.

Regular monitoring of the compressor’s performance, including parameters such as discharge temperature, vibration levels, and energy consumption, can help identify any potential issues and take corrective actions to maintain the compressor’s reliability and extend its lifespan.

In summary, the lifespan of a typical screw compressor can range from 20,000 to 100,000 operating hours, depending on factors such as the quality of construction, maintenance practices, operating conditions, usage patterns, and manufacturer reputation. Adhering to proper maintenance practices, operating the compressor within its recommended parameters, and choosing a reputable manufacturer can help ensure a longer lifespan for the screw compressor.

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Can Screw Compressors Be Used for Refrigeration?

Yes, screw compressors can be used for refrigeration applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Screw compressors are versatile and widely used in various industrial applications, including refrigeration. They are known for their efficiency, reliability, and ability to handle high-capacity refrigeration systems. Screw compressors work by compressing refrigerant gas, increasing its pressure and temperature, and then transferring the heat to the surrounding environment.

Here are some key points regarding the use of screw compressors in refrigeration:

1. Industrial Refrigeration Systems:

Screw compressors are commonly employed in large-scale industrial refrigeration systems, such as those used in cold storage facilities, food processing plants, beverage production, and HVAC systems for commercial buildings. These systems require high cooling capacities and continuous operation, making screw compressors an ideal choice.

2. Positive Displacement Compressors:

Screw compressors belong to the category of positive displacement compressors. They use two interlocking helical rotors (screws) to trap and compress the refrigerant gas. This design ensures a continuous flow of refrigerant and allows for efficient compression over a wide range of operating conditions.

3. Oil-Injected and Oil-Free Types:

Screw compressors can be either oil-injected or oil-free. Oil-injected screw compressors use oil for lubrication and cooling, which helps reduce friction and extend the compressor’s lifespan. In contrast, oil-free screw compressors use specialized coatings and materials to eliminate the need for oil, making them suitable for applications where oil contamination is a concern, such as in the pharmaceutical or food industries.

4. Multi-Stage Compression:

In refrigeration applications, screw compressors are often used in multi-stage configurations to achieve higher pressure ratios and improve overall system efficiency. Multi-stage compression involves compressing the refrigerant gas in multiple stages, typically with intermediate cooling between each stage, to reduce the work required for compression and enhance system performance.

5. Variable Speed Control:

Screw compressors can be equipped with variable speed drives (VSD) that allow for precise control of the compressor’s rotational speed. VSD technology enables the compressor to adjust its capacity according to the refrigeration load, resulting in energy savings and improved system performance.

6. System Integration:

Screw compressors are often integrated into complex refrigeration systems, working in tandem with other components such as condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, and control systems. This integration ensures efficient heat transfer, proper refrigerant flow, and effective temperature control.

It’s important to note that the selection of a screw compressor for refrigeration applications should consider factors such as cooling capacity requirements, operating conditions, refrigerant type, system configuration, and specific industry regulations.

In summary, screw compressors are well-suited for refrigeration applications, especially in industrial settings. Their efficiency, reliability, and capacity make them a popular choice for large-scale refrigeration systems. Whether in cold storage facilities, food processing plants, or HVAC systems, screw compressors play a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperatures and preserving perishable goods.

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What Is the Efficiency of Screw Compressors?

The efficiency of screw compressors can vary depending on various factors, including the design, operating conditions, and maintenance. Here’s a detailed explanation of the efficiency of screw compressors:

1. Isothermal Efficiency:

Isothermal efficiency refers to the ideal efficiency of a compressor operating under isothermal conditions. In reality, screw compressors experience temperature rise during compression, and therefore, they do not achieve isothermal efficiency. The compression process in screw compressors is considered to be relatively close to isothermal compared to other compressor types, such as reciprocating compressors. This is due to the continuous and smooth flow of air or gas through the compression chamber, which helps in minimizing temperature differences.

2. Adiabatic Efficiency:

Adiabatic efficiency refers to the actual efficiency of a compressor, taking into account the heat generated during compression. Screw compressors typically have higher adiabatic efficiency compared to reciprocating compressors. The helical design of the rotors and the presence of intermeshing lobes allow for efficient compression with minimal energy loss. The adiabatic efficiency of a screw compressor can be influenced by factors such as the compression ratio, rotational speed, and discharge pressure.

3. Overall Efficiency:

The overall efficiency of a screw compressor takes into account various factors, including mechanical losses, power consumption, and auxiliary power requirements. Mechanical losses can occur due to friction between the rotors, bearings, and other moving parts. Well-maintained screw compressors with properly lubricated components and well-aligned rotors can minimize mechanical losses and improve overall efficiency. Power consumption is another factor affecting efficiency, and it can vary depending on the size, design, and operating conditions of the compressor.

4. Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is an important aspect of screw compressors. It relates to the ability of the compressor to convert electrical energy into compressed air with minimal energy waste. Energy-efficient screw compressors are designed to optimize the compression process, reduce power consumption, and maximize output for a given input. Variable Speed Drive (VSD) screw compressors, for example, can adjust the rotational speed to match the compressed air demand, resulting in improved energy efficiency and significant energy savings.

It’s important to note that the efficiency of screw compressors can vary depending on the specific model, design features, and operating conditions. Regular maintenance, including proper lubrication, cleaning, and component inspection, is crucial for maintaining high efficiency levels. Additionally, selecting the right size and type of screw compressor for the intended application is essential to achieve optimal efficiency and performance.

In summary, screw compressors are known for their relatively high efficiency compared to other compressor types. While they may not achieve perfect isothermal efficiency, their adiabatic efficiency, overall efficiency, and energy efficiency make them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

China Best Sales Oil Free Screw Air Compressors of Series 11-55kw   air compressor portableChina Best Sales Oil Free Screw Air Compressors of Series 11-55kw   air compressor portable
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